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Travel Booking

The organization of B2B travel involves a series of tasks that, when done on behalf of the company, can mainly reduce work overload and excess expenses. That's where the outsourcing talents come in. Outsourcing B2B travel booking service simplifies defining the travel policy, going through all the planning until reaching the execution of displacements by using our dedicated team Acmmo Travel. This is an interesting option, especially for those enterprises that do not have a structured department to take care of business trips. Are you interested in the B2B travel booking service? So check out our website today to learn why outsourcing corporate travel management can be so beneficial for businesses!

What are the travel booking services that we offer?

The B2B travel trip involves a series of tasks that below are some of the services that we provide:

International Travel

You don't need to search for B2B international travel prices and services on different websites, such as airline tickets, hotel reservations, among other services. When these bookings are made on multiple sites, you take more time and still run the risk of buying from unreliable sites, which can result in greater losses. We can manage and buy everything from our business website Acmmo Travel.

Flight Booking

When purchasing directly on airlines' portals, it is not possible to book flights to be issued later with the previous price, which ends up generating an increase in costs, as tickets tend to increase prices quickly. With our corporate service, you can book your purchase and make it later, keeping the price you booked, even if the values have gone up. Trust our services, and you will leave to remember us.

Hotel Booking

The reservations area is highlighted in the hotel industry as it is the sector that receives and handles requests, resolves customer doubts, communicates changes, and assists guests before their stay. In other words, it is the first contact with the establishment, an opportune moment to offer the best experience and delight. Our team is experienced in providing hotel booking services globally. Try us anytime and you will never be frustrated.

Travel Booking Process Cycle

As you might imagine (or know for a fact), organizing travel booking services involves responsibilities related to issuing documents, contracting flights, booking accommodation, and all other relevant activities.

The problem is taking care of all this on your own. There are values, payment methods, interest rates, and logistics that are very different to manage in a short time. This makes the work extremely tiresome.

We take care of everything by charging a single price! Yes, the payment of all expenses is centralized, which saves you time and headaches. We continue with the follow-up during the trips to guarantee that everything will be delivered as agreed. Below is an organized process that we follow when arranging your B2B travel:

  1. Flight Booking
  2. Hotel Booking

In a nutshell, outsourcing B2B travel is a solution that frees your company from a job you often have limited time, staff, and resources. In addition, hiring competent professionals also makes your trips more efficient, yield more results and cost less to the company. Outsourcing B2B business travel is a strategic alternative for your business! Visit our website Acmmo Travel to learn more about us.