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How Important is Ecommerce SEO for Ecommerce Website

28 Jan 2021

Ecommerce SEO for eCommerce website development is crucial to your success on search engines, specifically Google. Without eCommerce SEO, you won't rank. To rank, you need to hire a professional and experienced eCommerce website development company — Acmmo Software Development part of our company.

Our Ecommerce SEO Experts Identify 3 Factors that Lead to Ranking Success

1. Customer Reviews
2. Mobile Optimisation
3. Long-Tail Keywords

1. Customer Reviews — Are You Worthy or Not?

SEO and customer reviews — what’s the connection? When customers review your online store, Google takes notice and your visibility in search results increases. This is where SEO comes in. Use SEO to get more positive customer reviews.

Backlinks are a critical element of SEO. If you want to increase your presence online and elevate your position on search engines, you need backlinks from third-party review websites such as Amazon and Yelp and social media mentions.

When a customer leaves a positive review on a third-party review website, link back to it from your own online store and social media platform. Backlinks also prompt users to create content and increase your brand authority; both actions affect your rank.

Our Ecommerce SEO suggests:

“You need to interact with customers and prospects talking about your brand to stay relevant. Start publishing high-quality your target audience enjoys, optimising it for SEO if you’re not already doing it.”

2. Mobile Optimisation — Technology Has Taken Over

With 52.2% of traffic coming from mobile phones, technology has taken over, becoming the most used medium to search and shop online. Without mobile SEO, your eCommerce store will struggle to show up in the search results.

Mobile-first indexing can end your struggle. Mobile-first indexing: Google indexes the mobile version of your website, using it to determine where you stand in the ranks. To see it working, track crawlbot traffic to your online store and notice a rise in traffic coming from the Smartphone Googlebot.

Our Ecommerce SEO expert states:

“Without a mobile-friendly website, your online store is unlikely to rank on Google. If you want to rank, our web development company can help. We’ll start with creating a responsive website design with on-page SEO and off-page SEO along with other tweaks to increase your rank.”

3. Long Tail Keywords — Longer the Better

Even though there should be a mixture of both short and long-tail keywords, for eCommerce stores, long-tail keywords are recommended. Long-tail keywords include product names and SKUs or actual ID numbers of products. Optimising your online store with long-tail keywords will help you earn more traffic and increase sales.

A common misconception about long-tail keywords is that they’re just longer phrases or variations when it’s the opposite. They’re specific to your online store. For instance, “White floral dress” is a general keyword, whereas “B544321” is the product code, and putting those two together will create a long-tail keyword.

Our Ecommerce SEO expert sheds light on what long-tail keywords really are:

“Long tail keywords don’t show up in keyword tools, only turn up in Google Search Console and Google Analytics, have small amounts of traffic, aren’t search more than one time, and make up most of the search traffic on search engines.”

We Can Help You Perfect the Formula of eCommerce SEO for Ecommerce Website Development

Our company can optimize your online store for SEO, making it visible in search engines and improving your rank. Contact us today to speak to one of our eCommerce website development experts.


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